Custom Laser Cutting and Engraving and 3D Printing

I am not currently accepting new laser cutting or 3D printing clients at this time.
But thank you for your interest!

I offer 3D Printing and laser cutting and engraving services based in Edmonton, Alberta. I can cut and engrave a variety of plastic, leather, wood, and rubber. I cannot cut metals, but they can be permanently marked.

Foam cutouts for instrument cases, custom displays, plastic and wood cutouts or engravings - it's all possible. Maximum working area is 600 x 400mm (about 23x14 inches).

Laser Cutting and Engraving

Unlike most laser cutting services I do not require you to provide your own materials (I can source them for you). Whether you are an Etsy seller, doing a one-off, prototyping, or doing a full production run, I can provide you with the laser-cut materials you need.

Laser engraving and cutting is priced mainly by time needed in the machine. Cutting is fastest and cheapest. Engraving is most expensive because the laser engraves a fraction of a millimeter at a time. If you email me your CAD file (DXF file please) then I can give you an estimate. If you use Ponoko, I can process the same job you would send them (just use their Inkscape template and send it to me).

Cost: Laser cutting or engraving is $2 per minute. Material cost is extra. A square foot of material ballparks around $15-$25 total depending on the complexity and amount of laser cutting.

3D Printing

Order a 3D Print

For 3D printing, if you have an .STL file for your 3D object I can print it for you. Email me your STL file (make sure to let me know if it is in millimeters or inches) and I can give you an estimate. Maximum print size 12" x 12" x 12" and 3D printing is priced primarily by cubic volume - the larger and denser the object, the more expensive. Average cost is $0.55 per cubic centimeter.

Use the button above (recommended) or email me at with your inquiries and I'll help you get what you need.

Getting your Job Once it is Ready

Flat $15 Shipping, or Free local pickup. You can pick up your jobs for free from our self-serve lockbox open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm on the south side of Edmonton, not far off Henday and Hwy 2. Shipping is also available for a flat $15 to anywhere in Canada or USA.

I use these technologies to develop products for clients and proudly manufacture the Clearly Clock.

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