AE Innovations

Making the things that make your ideas work

I do custom electronic design and manufacturing, and specialize in product development. I am based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I can design and build what you need, or consult on specific issues to save you time and money.

Any time you require something that isn't sold on a shelf I can help you out - whether you're a startup company with a bold new idea, or an individual working on something new.

Distance is no obstacle. I have worked with people all around the world.

I developed the core technology for Battlegrounds Live Gaming Experience.

I do 3D Printing & Laser cutting and engraving based in Edmonton, Alberta.

I produced these handmade designer clocks for Clearly Clocks.

I founded a startup to explore using drone technology in agriculture to monitor plant health. Visit to know more.

I also contribute to the tech site, making both regular daily posts as well as original content.

You can also visit my personal site: It Came From The Workshop