Making things that make ideas work

Donald Papp develops new technologies as a CTO-level consultant, has navigated the patent and trademark application processes, produced and sold unique items online, and created products sold on Amazon.


Whether you’re a startup company with a bold new idea, or an individual working on something new, I bring products and solutions from concept to reality. Any time you require something that isn’t sold on a shelf, I can help.

My workshop does laser cutting, thermoforming, 3D printing, and electronic assembly in-house, which means faster turnaround times.

Distance is no obstacle. I have worked with people all around the world.

I do research and development of innovative materials and processes to help improve allergy testing.

If you’re a medical professional interested in better allergy patch testing, visit Immunoderm and register your interest.

Immunoderm Inc. is a startup medical company committed to making patch testing more accessible

Battlegrounds Live Gaming Experience was a next-gen lasertag system based in Toronto, for which I developed the core technology in 2015.

I designed and built the optical systems, sensors, and electronics necessary for a next-gen experience.

Battlegrounds Live Gaming Experience, a next-gen lasertag system

Expertise in developing and selling new products, of different kinds and for different markets.

This includes fulfillment for successful crowdfunding projects like Kickstarter.

Selling online in a scalable and accessible way is possible with the right experience.

Expertise in making, selling, and shipping

With I used the lean startup methodology to explore using drone technology to help make better decisions in agriculture.

Not all agriculture is the same, and different areas have different needs. This remains a deeply educational experience.

Cropview explores drone technology to improve agriculture

Some products I have developed are sold on Amazon.

The latest is one I successfully crowdfunded using Kickstarter. It is now carried by retailers and sold on Amazon.

This clever target hanger is also a product I designed, sold on Amazon.

Selling products on Amazon is an option, with the right experience. 

I have helped produce unique handcrafted items, like these handmade designer clocks.

Product design must always take manufacturing methods and shipping needs into account.

It is never simple, but with the right experience it doesn’t need to be difficult.

Clearly Clocks, handmade designer items



I have navigated the patent and trademark application processes, and can provide guidance on whether (and when) these are appropriate.


I write regular daily posts and original content for, one of the Internet’s biggest technical-focused news sites.

A regular feature of mine is 3D Printering, a column focused on 3D printing.

My personal blog contains valuable information for entrepreneurs, fabricators, and hobbyists.

The site is how I share information on different projects, reviews, and tips on using various tools.

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